Floor Lamp Five Fingers

Five-fold luminous design - An shining example of intelligent furnishing design with aesthetic appeal. Marble and chrome-plated iron combine to form a youthful design object. Shiny chrome arms rise upwards from the solid marble base to create five rays ending in round lamps. They can be dimmed and illuminate the room like the sun. The Five Fingers standard lamp surprises with its clean-lined chrome design and original touch of creative individuality. An aesthetic enhancement for any room, even when it s switched off. 230 V, 50/60 Hz, bulb fitting E14, number of illuminant 5, max. 25 watt, without illuminant, including dimmer

Material: marble, steel chromed, PMMA-plastics, dimmer 50-300W, excl. 5x E14, max. 25W

Measures: 215 x 85 x 108 centimeters

Weight: 16.4 kg

Product no: 3438


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