Floor Lamp Lounge Small Deal Eco Matt Black 175cm

This modern and solidly crafted floor lamp is wonderfully suitable for framing a dressers and decorations as an ensemble. Placed behind or next to an armchair or sofa, it provides enough light for reading. Its purist design is not only unobtrusive, but also timeless. 230 V, 50/60 Hz, number of illuminant 1, without illuminant

  • A large floor lamp in black with a lampshade in spherical shape, inspired by the look of the Sixties
  • The arched lamp is height-adjustable and easily adapts to your interior
  • Sturdy and stable with a heavy base made of steel
  • A designer lamp that is already a modern classic
  • The man-sized floor lamp provides a cosy island of light in the room

Material: Steel lacquered, 130 cm Lenght of wire, 30,50 cm Ø Shade, Adjustable in height, Foot-operated switch, Wire Plastic-covered, Knocked-down,

Measures: 175 x 38.5 x 163 centimeters

Weight: 23.1 kg

Product no: 53359


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