Shelf Bandeja 43x110cm

A shelving unit like a letter case - the many glass shelves invite you to create decorative arrangements. There s just as much room for books as there is for jewellery boxes, make-up stuff and collectors items.

  • A round, ingenious steel shelf unit that can easily be pushed together and pulled apart
  • Black lacquered steel and petrol coloured glass tops make Bandeja easy to clean. That's why it also looks good in the bathroom for the make-up items
  • This handmade designer furniture can also be creative and play the role of an occasional table
  • It's perfect for filling the corners of a room - and above all to give them a touch of style
  • Because it folds up, this steel shelving unit is a practical helper in keeping things tidy, even in small rooms

Material: Corpus: Steel powder-coated, Shelf: Glass Lacquered, Hand-crafted, Delivery Knocked-down, Maintenance and Cleaning: Art. No. 25002 Furniture Cleaner

Measures: 111 x 42.5 x 42.5 centimeters

Weight: 14.5 kg

Product no: 84997


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