Table Railway Unique 210x100cm

An original table made of solid wood and restored railway track - An all-round exceptional table. The well-worn tabletop with its cracks consists of old teak railway sleepers and the frame of restored railroad track. Typical KARE: discarded materials are given a new life in the form of original furniture. We love it when design is both beautiful and sustainable. Our range includes a wealth of other Railway articles: Instructions for care: Every six months treatment with linseed oil or wax for wood. Linseed oil to nourish the wood, wax to provide a protective coating. The frame requires no specific care. Dimensions: 210 x 100 cm. Material: cast steel, re-used hardwood (shala and haldu trees etc.) impregnated and treated with wax.

  • The top is made of old wooden planks
  • The frame consists of restored railway track
  • Sustainable design
  • Every table is unique

Material: cast steel, recycled hard wood impregnated and waxed

Measures: 76 x 100 x 210 centimeters

Weight: 117 kg

Product no: 75216


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