Wall Lamp Parecchi Art House

An unconventional wall lamp in a mix of styles - The Parecchi Art House lamp creates the overall impression of a little work of art. It s the innovative alternative to coloured walls, wallpaper or paintings. As a furnishing gem Parecchi is both a source of light and an objet d art. Thanks to its size this lamp is not only imposing but will also decorate the wall over the sofa or turn your hallway into a stylish enhancement to your home. 12 individual lampshades continuously attract the eye and immerse the room in mysterious light. At times modern, at times classical, at times natural and at times with delicate vintage flair. There’s something here for everyone. This wall lamp radiates a pleasantly warm light, while its out-of-the-ordinary design adds artistic touches. Some of the lampshades can be arranged in different ways, ensuring infinite variety. Other lamps in the Parecchi series also available. 230 V, 50/60 Hz, illuminant make LED, bulb fitting E27, number of illuminant 12, max. 25 watt, without illuminant

Material: steel antique finish, fabric: 65%polyester, 35%cotton, polystyrene, glass, metal, polyurethane, wood, 20x E27, max. 25W, 230V, 50/60Hz (excl.)

Measures: 110 x 185 x 30 centimeters

Weight: 16.8 kg

Product no: 34736


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